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Oasis Definitely Maybe

I tried to draw this more or less correctly at first, but it came up stiff and boring so here's a loose version I like better! Couldn't draw a guitar to save my life though.

The album is solid. Don't like (What's the Story?) Morning Glory nearly as much, but their last one Dig Out Your Soul is surprisingly good! And one track on it has a super extended psychedelic remix by Amorphous Androgynous (= The Future Sound of London) that's worth listening to.

Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia

Wait, her wheel should probably be connected to something for the car to work? Oh well

椎名林檎 『勝訴ストリップ』

Or: Shōso Strip by Shiina Ringo. One of my favourite rock albums ever — the bassline on track 2 is just amazing, “Identity” too (and it resonated with me a lot when I played it at a deafening volume on headphones).

Boris Amplifier Worship

That's a disaster but it made me laugh so here it is


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