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Interesting essays and articles — on philosophy, sociology, science, history etc.
Art webzine. Pretty well known.
. : The Edge of Cyberspace : .
The edge of cyberspace!!!
A network of little write-ups about pretty much anything. Active since 1998.
fUSION Anomaly.
A psychedelic encyclopedia. Old, no longer updated but worth checking out!
Justin B Rye’s homepage
[Archived] Science fiction and linguistics.
Philosophy Experiments
Fun and interesting thought experiments.
RedLipstick Resurrected
My favourite art Tumblr account, and probably favourite place to look at art.
Strange Horizons
Online literary magazine, mostly speculative fiction. Short stories, poetry, reviews. Cool stuff.
The Useless Web
Click the button, go to a random useless website.
An old classic. You could do anything there! Only worked with Flash though, so R.I.P. I guess.

Webcomics :

Aatmaja Pandya
Magic, slice of life, many shorter stories you can read in one sitting. “Baker’s Dozen” is one of my favourites.
Alice and the Nightmare
A fantasy story with magic, mystery, evil doppelgängers, lots of purple and pink and dreams and nightmares! Cool stuff.
Elephant Town
"is about small town life according to four people who don't know each other". By the author of Girls with Slingshots, the first webcomic I really liked about… ten years ago? Fifteen? Time flies. Needs a better way to navigate through the comic though!
Goodbye to Halos
A queer fantasy adventure with magic and friendship! Great art too.
Questionable Content
Daily life, love lives and weird things involving AIs in an American town. This one improved a lot throughout the years, I didn't like the first strips much but I just jumped in recently and have been hooked since.
Sufficiently Remarkable
Realistic daily life story with protagonists in their late 20s/early 30s. Complete, 12 chapters.
Three Panel Soul
Some fantasy, some humour, some daily life things. The artists are in their thirties or so I think? And it actually shows in a good way. Classy greyscale style.
Val and Isaac
Casual adventures in space!
Webcomic Name
Humour strips featuring a blob. Oh no.
Your Wild City
Fun facts about the flora and fauna you can find in cities.

Unicode and languages :

What I use instead of a French-English dictionary.
Search for a Unicode character by drawing it! (Doesn't work with Chinese, Japanese or Korean yet)
Unicode Character Converter
Convert any text into HTML entities. Useful if you're building your own website.
A super-dictionary with etymologies, synonyms, rhymes, reverse dictionary, pronounciations etc. Has a couple of things Wiktionary doesn't have yet.

Resources for drawing :

(Or should I wait until I get good before sharing these?)
I didn't start there (Bert Dodson's book Keys to Drawing was my first step) but his videos are very useful for learning figure drawing and anatomy!
Line of Action
Good for practicing figure drawing. There are other similar websites out there, like QuickPoses, but this is my favourite.
How to Draw Animals
Human Anatomy Fundamentals
Cool tutorials by Monika Zagrobelna and Joumana Medlej; the website also has others worth checking out.

Old stuff of mine :

Old blog in French, 2013–2020. Includes links for silly comics in French I drew before learning how.

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