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Swans The Seer

I actually quite like how this one came out!

This album is groundbreaking. And too long. Even the shortest track is too long. Still groundbreaking though.

Death Grips The Money Store

First time I try drawing something in anime style, I think?

MC Ride's voice gets annoying after a while, but this is still good. “Hacker” is great (and he has a different voice on it, if that's still him rapping?).

SZA Ctrl

Using an old box of felt tip brush pens found in my parents' house, that was a gift my brother and I got — most of them are in terrible condition, some are completely spent, all of them have their felt tips squashed to various degrees of squashiness. Sometimes really squashed, I guess were were very young and one of us thought “I want this to be REALLY REALLY BLUE!” and pressed the marker as hard as possible against the paper.

Iron Maiden Dance of Death

I haven't heard this album and don't plan to, but I wanted to draw the iconic cover art lol. I like drawing monsters.

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